Core Beliefs

Our dizzyingly fast-paced world, full of tension and aggression, allows none to pause, to reflect, to feel, to experience, and to renew oneself. The result is the alienation of the individual and the fragmentation of the society.

Theatre is one of the last remaining public spaces, where a group of people—actors and spectators—can take a pause to experience, to feel, to reflect, and to renew themselves.

The function of theatre is to renew the human spirit and by doing so to reassert it into our daily lives.

The essence of the theatre lives in the art of the actor. The actor through his striking and revelatory act—a selflessly honest expression of his deepest self and a fearless confrontation with his personal demons—renews himself and stirs the public to do the same.

To accomplish this revelatory act, the actor must be an athlete of body and soul. She needs to have a gravity-defying body and an active imagination.

This is made possible through a long-term, systematic, and focused daily work of the actor on her body, voice, and mind.

What are the requirements to accomplish this? A non-judgmental environment, where an ensemble of determined actors can work continuously and collaboratively over a long period of time, and are guided by a tested work methodology. This environment, we call atelier theatre.

What is our ultimate goal? To build an ensemble of collaborating theatre artists with a finely tuned craft and synergy. And to stage plays, stories, and actions—both sorrowful and funny, absurd and heroic, grotesque and luminous—that unveil the hidden aspects of the fable of Man.