Massoud Saidpour

Saidpour is an Iranian-born theatre director and curator of performing arts who lived and worked in the United States. Currently he is living in Hong Kong, where in 2017 he founded atelier theatre hong kong.

Saidpour's first major theatre encounter was with the Polish theatre master Jerzy Grotowski, who in 1983 invited him to join his Focused Research Program in Objective Drama.

During his nine years at the Objective Drama program, Saidpour developed his critically acclaimed Persian Cycle, a series of Sufi stories exploring the adaptation of classical Persian literature and performance idioms by a culturally diverse ensemble. Persian Cycle was the subject of study in several scholarly journals such as the New Theatre Quarterly and The Drama Review, and in Grotowski's Objective Drama Research.

The study of Stanislavsky's method of physical actions with Grotowski, and his exposure to and work with skilled performing artist from various world cultures in the context of Objective Drama played a pivotal role in Saidpour's formation as a theatre practitioner. These included Haitian artists and ritual practitioners Jean Claude Garoute "Tiga" and Maud Robart, Korean pansori performer Du Yee Chang, Balinese kebyar and topeng dance and theatre performer I Wayan Lendra, Mevlevi dervish practitioner Jelaluddin Lora, Columbian and Mexican movement specialists Jairo Cuesta and Pablo Jimenez, Chinese performer Chen Wei-cheng, and American stage director James Slowiak.

His direction of international playwrights such as Shakespeare, Goethe, Gogol, Chekhov, as well as works by Beckett and Ionesco have been noted for their scenographic inventiveness and for the power and vitality of ensemble acting.

Some of his directorial highlights include: Phantoms of King Lear (adapted from William Shakespeare's King Lear); He and She (based on Anton Chekhov's works); Come and See! (adapted from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Faust I&II); The Chairs by Eugene Ionesco; Swan Song + Confessions (based on Chekhov's and Nikolai Gogol's works); The Gamblers by Gogol; and Endgame by Samuel Beckett.

Saidpour was an actor and resident director with the New World Performance Laboratory, a U.S.-based theatre company with a stable ensemble of actors from around the world. During his four years with the company, he performed as an actor, director, and workshop leader in the company's U.S. and international tours.

He established Project Coup de Theatre (koo-de-te-atra), a two year pedagogical ensemble-based theatre project involving a stable ensemble of actors in the U.S. The Project focused on multi-demential methodologies towards the training of the actor's body, voice, and imagination as well as towards the process of creating the acting score.

During a five year stint, Saidpour was invited by the Ministry of Culture of Brazil and Centro Cultural do Banco do Brasil, to teach theatre workshops and residencies, deliver a series of talks, and to direct plays in various Brazilian cities.

For 18 years, Saidpour worked in the Cleveland Museum of Art, as artistic director and later curator of performing arts and music, where he inaugurated and curated an acclaimed international performing arts series. Saidpour served simultaneously as the head of the department of performing arts, music, and film at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

In 2014, he left the Museum to focus on his creative work. His Exile: A Persian Sung Drama, a multidisciplinary project in collaboration with performing artists and filmmakers from Iran was workshopped and filmed in Tehran in 2015.

Saidpour holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts from the University of California, Irvine, and an M.A. in Stage Direction from graduate studies at the U.C.L.A., San Francisco State University, and University of Akron.

He is a contributing author to Grotowski's Objective Drama Research (University Press of Mississippi).

Massoud Saidpour生於伊朗德黑蘭,在美國接受教育,並師從波蘭戲劇大師葛羅托斯基Jerzy Grotowski及其友儕伙伴,包括來自美國、韓國、巴里、台灣、日本、海地、墨西哥、土耳其、哥倫比亞和波蘭的演藝名家。Saidpour在美國內外執導無數,載譽之作《波斯三部曲》乃一系列以波斯古典文學和表演傳統為基礎的演出,不但得到《新劇場季刊》(劍橋大學出版社)深入的學術探討,亦引起了《戲劇評論》期刊(麻省理工學院出版社)的報導關注。其他重要執導作品包括:改編自莎士比亞劇作《李爾王》,為他贏取《美國劇場》雜誌「編輯之選」的《李爾王魅影》;以契訶夫作品為藍本的《他與她》;改編自歌德劇作《浮士德》的《來看!》;尤奧斯高的《椅子》;根據契訶夫和果戈里作品而創作的《絕唱+自白》;果戈里的《賭徒》;以及貝克特的《殘局》。