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Youth: Alienation and Rebellion

Two plays explore the theme of youth's alienation and rebellion.

Woyzeck 胡石 in fourteen episodes

based on a play by Georg Büchner

adapted and directed by Massoud Saidpour

Franz Woyzeck works multiple odd jobs to provide for his family. At every job his dignity and self-esteem are assaulted by his 'superiors'. When these jobs don't suffice, he plans to sell his organs. These, and the discovery that his wife Marie is conducting an affair with another man, drives him to oblivion.


[Show 演出]
Woyzeck 胡石 in fourteen episodes by atelier theatre hong kong
based on a play by Georg Büchner

20/7 - 19/8/2018   8pm

*No shows on 休息日  23-24/7 (Mon-Tue), 31/7 (Tue), 1/8 (Wed), 7-8 & 14-15/8 (Tue-Wed)

[Essential demonstration 劇團核心訓練示範]

The atelier will share aspects of its practical and theoretical approach to actor training and the creative act.


28/7, 4/8, 11/8 & 18/8 (Sat)    4-6pm

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[Venue 地點]

Wong Chuk Hang (MTR Wong Chuk Hang station Exit B, approx. 5-10mins walk)


Director - Massoud Saidpour
Assistant directors - Sam Tang/ Wong Chun-ho
Performers - Henry Chan/ Chester Wong/ Jessica Wong/ Karen Chan/ Vincent Chiu/ Hanks
Li/ Picol Wong
Visual designer - Yuen Hon-wai
Assistant visual designer - Hui On-yee
Lighting designer - Lau Ming-hang
Sound designer - Ha Yan-pui
Costume designer - Vanessa Sue

Free donation

Reservation fee (per person )
(refund on the event day )
Show $150
Essential demonstration $50

performed in English/ no fixed seating/ approximately 70mins, no interval/ no latecomers will be admitted/ please dress casually/ the Organizer reserves the right to change the programme

program and ticket enquiries ateliertheatrehongkong@gmail.com

導演 - Massoud Saidpour
助理導演 - 鄧灝威 / 王俊豪
演員 - 陳庭軒 / 黃譜誠 / 黃庭姍 / 陳嘉茵 / 趙之維 / 李頊珩 / 黃子澄
視覺設計 - 阮漢威
舞台設計助理 - 許安怡
燈光設計 - 劉銘鏗
音響設計 - 夏恩蓓
服裝設計 - 孫詠君


留位費 (每人, 觀眾出席時將獲全數退回)
演出 $150
劇團核心訓練示範 $50


節目及票務查詢 ateliertheatrehongkong@gmail.com

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Georg Büchner (1813-37) was acknowledged by figures as divergent as Antonin

Artaud and Bertolt Brecht to be the forefather of modern drama. Büchner wrote three plays, Danton's Death, a drama about the French Revolution, is suffused with deep pessimism; Leonce and Lena, is a satire on the nebulous nature of Romantic ideas, and Woyzeck, with its compassion for the poor and oppressed. He died in Zürich of typhoid fever at the age of 24.

關於劇作家 -格奧爾格‧畢希納Georg Büchner (1813-1837)

德國劇作家,被譽為現代戲劇的始祖。他共撰寫了三齣戲劇作品:《丹東之死》(Danton's Death)有關法國大革命時期的悲觀。在完成諷刺劇《萊昂斯和萊娜》(Leonce and Lena)後,他撰寫了戲劇《胡石傳》(Woyzek),深入剖析了社會的苦難和不公平性。於24歲時死於傷寒。


by Julius Słowacki

a new adaptation

Opening TBA*

After the powerful Russian Czar takes over Poland, an adolescent Kordian decides to take action.

When Kordian's many delusions about love and life are crushed, he changes from a dreamer into a rebel. In a moment of epiphany, he resolves to sacrifice his life for his homeland by organizing a resistant movement against the menace of the Czar, no matter what the peril or the cost. Kordian struggles against his own Hamletian doubts and the indifference of the masses—especially the older generation. Słowacki's masterpiece depicts a disaffected youth's yearning for identity and freedom.

About the Playwright

Juliusz Słowacki (1809-49), Polish poet and dramatic author, is one of the most important writers of the Romantic period. Słowacki's romantic poems and dramas touched upon major national themes. Misunderstood by his contemporaries, he influenced many Polish writers of the next generation including Stanisław Wyspiański. Słowacki is often compared to Shakespeare and his Kordian to Hamlet.


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